We hope this is great news for DollClans customers.
DollClans will launch layaway program as default optional payment method.
Please read all info carefully before apply layaway program.

1. Our customers who place order that have basic dolls or limited dolls *FULL DOLL ONLY*.
2. Our customers who place order in total at least $300 USD (including shipping cost), order must also contains at least one DOLL PART (head or body) . Order without doll part cannot apply for layaway program.
* Order for layaway must be in ONE order. Combined orders cannot be accepted for layaway program.

   Layaway Conditions   
  • We accept PayPal as only payment method.
    Please select PayPal as payment method when you make an order.
    DollClans PayPal:
  • DollClans offer layaway for maximum 60 days
  • Last date of payment is last date of 60 days of your first payment date.
    Example: Your first payment date is January 15, then last date will be March 15.
  • First deposit must be 30% of your total price.
    Payment must be paid within 7 days after you placed order for basic dolls, 3 days for limited dolls.
    AND within pre-order payment deadline date for your pre-order period.

    Otherwise, your order will be cancelled.

    Example: Pre-order period is January 1-7, payment deadline is January 8.
    You place order on January 5, you must send first deposit payment within January 8.
  • Payment can be split in 2 or 3 installments.
    • 2 installments - Please pay 30% first, then 70% for last payment.
    • 3 installments - Please pay 30% first, second for 30%, then 40% for last payment.
  • First deposit (first 30% payment), will not be refunded.
    If you do not send last payment within your due date, your order will be cancelled.
    We will make refund immediately without notice.

    We will refund the rest installments but we cannot refund first 30% payment.
    Because we prepare your order since your first payment, we seek for your understanding.
    Please be punctual on your layaway payment plan.
  • You can set installment date for 2nd and 3rd payment. But it must be before the last date of your layaway payment deadline.
  • Please save our email address to your safe list.
    To prevent our email going to your spam folder.
    We will not responsible to this issue if you are unable to receive our email.
  • Please use layaway payment form to let us know you've paid for your layaway payment.
    Form is below.

   How to do layaway with DollClans  
  1. Make order at our website normally (must meet requirement).
    Please write order comment "Layaway payment" and installment date.
    [Date below is SAMPLE only. Please write suitable date for layaway period.]

    For example :

    As in example, you need to make 2nd payment within 7th January.
    And make 3rd payment within 1st February.
    If there is any changes, please let us know as soon as possible.
    Otherwise your order will be cancelled.

  2. After you placed order, please write Q&A board and let us know your order number and your layaway plan.

  3. Please make payment for 2nd and 3rd payment within due date you wrote in plan.

  4. After you completed each payment, please fill the form and let us know you've sent payment to us at Q&A board.

  5. Your order status will be Incompleted / Pending Credit Card until you've completed last payment.

  6. Your order will be produced since you've paid first payment.

  7. Your order status will be changed to Money Transfer received after you sent last payment.

  8. Your order will be shipped after we've confirmed all of your payments.
    We will ship items as soon as package is ready to be shipped.

    Layaway Form   
You need to fill this form and write to us at Q&A board after you sent each payment.

  • Q&A subject : [Layaway] (Input your order number in this blanket)
  • Order number :
  • Customer ID :
  • Name and surname :
  • Payment date : (1st payment date) / (2nd payment date) / (3rd payment date)
    Please write all date you've sent payment to us. So we can check your payment.

    Limited items that can be applied for layaway program is limited FULL DOLLs only.

  • Please be aware about installments date. You must send payment within due date.
    And it must be before last layaway payment of your deadline date.
    Please fill layaway form and let us know about your payment immediately after you've paid each payment.

  • If you have any questions regarding to layaway program, please ask us at Q&A or our email~!